yihuik苡慧 – 输入法打可爱按第五

[00:00.000] 作词 : 陈令韬/王弈文/邓波儿ivy/简/chillin/可心
[00:00.697] 作曲 : 陈令韬/王天放
[00:01.394] 编曲 : 陈令韬/何骏
[00:02.092]I say baby you can take me out tonight
[00:05.857]I’ll be the first one down to ride ho ho
[00:09.873]你知道我是这样 only to you em
[00:15.647]I say baby please be my bride tonight
[00:19.412]I say baby please be my friend for life
[00:23.176]Please by my side.
[00:27.376] 音乐总监 : 陈令韬

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