Troye Sivan – There’s A Hero

[00:14.50]There’s a flower in the smallest garden
[00:23.66]Reaching for the light
[00:28.44]There’s a candle in the darkest corner
[00:37.84]Conquering the night
[00:42.53]There is amazing strength in a willing hand
[00:49.78]There are victories
[00:53.19]That you’ve never planned
[00:56.49][01:53.11][02:57.62][02:42.73]There’s a hero in everybody’s heart
[01:10.95]There’s a fire inside of everybody
[01:20.34]Burning clear and bright
[01:25.15]There’s a power in the faintest heartbeat
[01:34.31]That cannot be denied
[01:39.24][02:28.89]Go on and trust yourself
[01:42.77][02:32.40]You can ride the wind
[01:46.31][02:35.85]You’re gonna take your dreams
[01:49.86][02:39.38]Where they’ve never been

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