[00:12.83]She’s 22
[00:15.55]And she’s loving you
[00:18.15]And you’ll never know how it makes me blue
[00:23.24]Does it make you happy
[00:28.95]I’m holding on
[00:31.59]To a thing that’s wrong
[00:34.24]Cause we don’t belong
[00:36.72]But you like my songs
[00:39.42]And you make me happy
[00:44.97]Does she make you happy
[00:50.97]You can throw away
[00:56.14]Every word i say
[01:27.51]I’m standing still
[01:30.26]On this hidden hill
[01:33.23]And I’m looking around
[01:35.82]For the right way down
[01:39.42]To your distant valley
[01:43.67]Your flowers grow in the frozen snow
[01:48.86]And I’d like to know if it’s all a show
[01:55.56]Are you really happy
[01:59.58]Are you really happy
[02:04.95]Cause you can throw away
[02:10.78]Every word I say
[02:16.15]You’ll just throw away

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