Troye Sivan – Love Is A Losing Game

[00:17.11]For you i was a flame
[00:23.17]Love is a losing game
[00:29.09]Five story fire as you came
[00:35.11]Love is a losing game
[00:41.24]Why do I wish I never played
[00:46.73]What a mess we made
[00:53.55]Now the final frame
[00:59.09]Love is a losing game
[01:16.87]Played out by the band
[01:22.41]Love is a losing hand
[01:27.45]More than I could stand
[01:33.05]Love is a losing hand
[01:38.22]Self-professed… profound
[01:43.28]Till the chips were down
[01:48.62]Know you’re a gambling man
[01:54.08]Love is a losing hand
[02:10.09]Though I’m rather blind
[02:15.04]Love is a fate resigned
[02:20.39]And memories mar my mind
[02:24.75]Love is a fate resigned
[02:31.50]Over futile odds
[02:36.81]And laughed at by the gods
[02:42.61]Now the final frame
[02:47.73]Love is a losing game

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