[00:09.63]Yeah, yeah yeah yeah yeah, yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah
[00:15.17]No but in all seriousness, I’m the best rapper alive
[00:18.69]You could be the back then and I’ll be the now
[00:21.15]High as Neverland I’m Peter Pan, we’ll keep it down
[00:23.30]I got ya wig and ya man and ya nosey
[00:25.78]That should be enough to keep a clown on her toseys
[00:28.29]Look, Reddit, I gets my credit
[00:30.62]I fleek my brows and I lay my edges
[00:33.07]Keep my crowd and I pay my dues
[00:35.47]Blood red bottoms, you da lady in the shoe
[00:37.65]We pop the bottles while you getting all the booze
[00:40.12]Every day I brush another ***** like rouge
[00:42.82]I’ll take the L that the chicken had to ooze
[00:45.06]I ooze when they look at my boobs
[00:47.55]Look at my ass
[00:48.92]Look at my crew
[00:50.04]Look at yourself now
[00:51.33]Look at your goons
[00:52.49]Look at all the views that I got on one tune now
[00:54.91]Tell me who the queen and who making all the rules
[00:57.06]Rock to my ****
[00:58.89]Flock to my ****
[01:00.12]This is my flow, putting a lock on my ****
[01:02.37]**** all of the games, but I’ma bottle my ****
[01:04.71]You never could step, hop walk to my ****
[01:07.15]Big joint **** like it make big coin
[01:09.49]Give a ***** a red dot, sharper than a pin point
[01:12.05]Bring bacon back home like a big oink
[01:14.53]Gold digger
[01:14.98]Chewing out your pocket, that’s a bit coin
[01:16.95]Seems like you need some juice
[01:20.13]All y’all should ween off pills
[01:22.31]Somebody needs some chill
[01:24.81](Somebody needs some milk)
[01:27.19]Make hits, I drop it simple
[01:29.54]My boys got white like dental
[01:32.03]Your rhymes, you bought like rental
[01:34.50]I don’t make pop like pimple
[01:36.85]She need milk
[01:38.57]He need milk
[01:39.69]Y’all need milk
[01:40.98]Y’all need milk
[01:42.10]He need milk
[01:43.20]She need milk
[01:44.44]He need milk
[01:45.60]Need some milk
[01:46.26]I don’t make pop, I
[01:48.51]I don’t make pop I don’t

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