[00:03.70]Powder, set, yes
[00:06.03]Came out impressed
[00:07.79]Kill them in that dress
[00:09.36](Kill them in that)
[00:10.53]I’m beautiful
[00:11.08]I know it’s so
[00:12.70]I’m beautiful See you in that
[00:23.77]Powder, set, yes
[00:26.04]Came out impressed
[00:27.82]Kill them in that dress
[00:29.49](Kill them in that)
[00:30.90]Powder, set yes
[00:32.77]Came out impressed
[00:34.54]Kill them in that dressHey, Nayima
[00:39.19]’Sup Sabrina
[00:40.71]Hey, Naomi
[00:41.97]Love your features
[00:43.90]With a little bit of rouge on the cheek
[00:47.13]Bronze little bombshells cruise by the beach
[00:50.26]Louis on the clutch, ‘Boutin on the feets
[00:53.61]I’m doing too much with your dude in the sheets
[00:56.79]Now you soft like 300 count
[01:00.22]Little rubber band tuckin’ 300 thou’
[01:03.51]Throw it on the floor, make 300 bounce
[01:06.80]Can you make a 16 come out 300 mouths?
[01:09.93]Cause I might have the check in the mail
[01:12.56]I might get ’em wetter like I’m underneath the sail
[01:16.96]Hungry little bunny I am coming for your tail
[01:20.09]So I can keep my mommy up and spend a hundred on the nails
[01:23.22]As usual
[01:24.09]I’m suitable
[01:26.31]Cute from the cooch to my cuticle
[01:29.50]And boo, you should know
[01:31.11]I’m so doable
[01:32.78]It’s quite provable
[01:34.45]That we beautiful
[02:10.86]And it ain’t about being good looking
[02:13.78]It’s your brains, how they working
[02:15.45]Get that good sookie-sookie
[02:17.18]I’m sorry if your man can’t stop lookie-looking
[02:20.16]Mistook me for a ho’, and ain’t nobody playing hookie
[02:23.65]And you ain’t found your girl on Tinder yet
[02:27.29]The cookie like a temple, you can call it gingerbread
[02:30.38]Be a good example at least on the internet
[02:33.67]Shorty posting all them selfies
[02:35.34]Help me, is you single yet?
[02:37.16]Tell me, is you into head?
[02:38.68]Cause maybe we can intersect
[02:40.29]Cos ***ually you interest
[02:41.92]Boy, visually you is a yes
[02:43.42](No respect!)
[02:45.40]And you dudes don’t do your duty
[02:47.17]Can’t see me shake my head at you
[02:49.09]Too focused on the booty
[02:50.65]You bastard bachelors
[02:52.07]Is really acting like you’re Clooney
[02:53.80]Ya’ll truly won’t be players
[02:55.26]Til you learn to see the beauty
[02:57.23](Male groupies!)
[02:57.99]Can’t say I blame you if I was you I would do me
[03:00.47]Im a cutie-patootie but don’t mistake that for hoochie
[03:03.90]Cause even if you think you knew me
[03:06.23]A woman changes with the seasons
[03:07.84]And I’m breathing out the new me

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